Basketball Officiating Success Stories

No Greater Teaching Available!

There is no greater teaching readily available to basketball officials than Court Club Elite.  Ed, Rob and the countless behind the scene contributors have constucted an organization that has expedited my development and fast-tracked my ability exponentially.  I'm working well beyond my level of experience because of the fundamentals and training I've received through their weekly content.

Court Club is able to differentiate instruction with a variety of NBA, WNBA, G-League and D1 Men's & Women's instructors to reach referees at every level of their careers.  It is indeed ELITE because whether you are a beginning referee or on the verge of breaking into a professional career, you will fill up notebooks with pertinent and meaninful information to fine tune your ability.  Furthermore, the Court Club family is near and dear to my heart, and will continue to provide me friendship, mentorship and a purpose to improve both on and off the floor.

What I'm most proud of from my time with Court Club is that I came to Ed and Rob as an 18-year-old kid with no direction, purpose or goals.  These two, in conjunction with the multitude of fellow members and instructors/guests have assisted me in developing vital life skills to lead me to success on the 94 x 50 as well as in my personal life.  Success leaves clues!

Nate Cearley
Manhattan, KS

Played a major part in my development...

My name is Blanca Burns and I am from Oklahoma City, OK. I currently work Divsion I Women's baskebtall throughout the country, and during this past summer was hired by multiple BCS conferences.

Court Club has played a major part in my development and growth. The numerous resources that CC provides to its members are top notch and can't be found anywhere else. The camps held in Las Vegas and Philadelphia were impactful on many different levels. Some of the very best referees in the world are found at those camps and they certainly made a big difference in my career and I'm sure they would yours.

A big thank you goes out to Rob, Ed, and Ed Jr and everyone else in the CC family. Thank you for making it possible for me to achieve my dreams and continue to work to improve upon my craft!

Blanca Burns
Oklahoma City, OK

Life Changing...

Court Club is the absolute best training resource if you have aspirations of becoming a better official.  The success stories, weekly videos and access to high level officials provide you with the tools necessary to reach your goals.  I personally attribute Court Club to fast-tracking my officiating career.  The Court Club Elite team cares about each and every member and treats everyone equally, no matter their experience or levels worked.  I'm so thankful to have the relationships and mentors that I have developed through the Court Club family and have much excitement for what the future holds.

Alex Landis
Philadelphia, PA

Goals become Reality!

Basketball officiating has given me great joy over the past several years. It keeps me connected with the game that I have always loved and been passionate about. Court Club has been with me from the start. My first summer I set some short and long-term goals. With the all the ENCOURAGEMENT and TRAINING Court Club provides, I am seeing the goals I have set become reality in my young career. I've made great relationships though Court Club, which truly makes this a family. If you want become great on and off the court, Court Club is the place to be.

Michael Woods
Antioch, TN

Where do I begin...??

I refer to Court Club as family. We all share a common bond and passion for the game and officiating which sparks connections to so many great people from all walks of life. In the 2+ years since I joined I’ve grown a great deal as both an individual and an official, surrounding myself with an incredible network of peers, mentors, teachers and friends spanning the country and globe. These relationships I’ve gained have helped me set and achieve goals, move up the ladder faster, and now focus on helping others do the same. 

Access to top notch teaching material via the App and website is a great resource, and the teaching camps (which I call professional seminars) are even better — where you have access to the highest levels of officiating and professional development;  including Pro, Men’s, and Women’s basketball. The founders and carefully vetted staff work tirelessly year-round to mentor and help every member (no matter their officiating level) gain the tools and training it takes to move up, get hired, and excel.

As we all grow on our personal journeys, there’s nothing more important than sharing the ups and downs we all experience — and Court Club is the support system and family that helps us achieve greatness through it all.

Aran Hart
Philadelphia, PA

Grow, Learn & Give Back...

I decided to join Court Club several years ago after a camp I attended in Anaheim, CA. I overheard a few campers talking about the program and I decided to sign up. The teaching is world class and delivered by top referees who want to see you succeed. The Court Club program continues to give me 3 things: An opportunity to learn, an opportunity to grow, and an opportunity to give back to others. It will provide you a fundamental skill set to succeed at any level you referee. Court Club was the best decision I made to improve my officiating and continues to be a corner stone to my education.

Matthew Kallio
Edmonton, AB

I Received Quality & Quantity...

My experience with Court Club Elite has been nothing but incredible in the few years I have been a member. To start, Rob, Ed, and all of the staff at Court Club Elite have given me the tools necessary to elevate my game and expedite my development.  At the age of 22 I became a Division 1 Men's Official, working in the Big South Conference and also participated in the NBA Grassroots program.

In addition to having the best information on the craft of officiating at your fingertips, you also have a tight network of some of the best referees in the business. Court Club Elite is part of my family, and I am in constant contact with multiple members every week.

This is a very small investment into a career which gives us all so much. Court Club Elite has- and will continue to- amaze me with the quantity and quality of information and personal relationships I obtain on a weekly basis.

Grant Detrick
Des Moines, IA

Invest in YOU!!!

I joined Court Club Elite on a recommendation from an observer at a local entry level officiating camp. He saw some potential in me and explained to me that top-notch instruction, video break down and mentorship would be instrumental in my growth as an official. My experience with Court Club Elite has been nothing short of phenomenal! Camp experiences that are second to none, being mentored by the BEST officials in the world, weekly instruction and creating a personalized road map for me to improve my game are just a few of the benefits I have receive for Court Club Elite!

Since joining Court Club Elite, I have gone from working a schedule filled with youth/adult recreation and lower level high school games to working into the state high school playoffs and making my way into working college basketball. While there have been multiple people that have invested in me as an official, I attribute a lot of my success to my involvement with Court Club Elite.

Above all else, through Court Club Elite I have met a community of officials that are passionate about the game of basketball and are committed to constant self-improvement. It has been a motivating experience and has benefitted me on and off the court.



Joel Agg
San Diego, CA

Honest Self-Assessment, Honest Feedback

I've been a Court Club Member for many years now. I attended the Court Club Elite camp for the first time as an undergraduate intramural referee at Purdue University.  Since then I've become a Division 1 level official in multiple conferences and Court Club has played a pivotal role in helping me get to that level. Court Club has helped me develop a solid foundation of good habits, generate a network of officials dedicated to excellent, and challenged me to not only be a good official -- but to be a good person. 

The most difficult part about officiating is finding mentors that will be honest with you. However, honest assessment is what has continuously been offered to me during my time with Court Club. There is no other camp where you will find teachers and educators as dedicated to the game and as dedicated to YOUR development. Finally, Court Club is where my mentors started and where I continue to push those I now mentor if they're truly invested in taking their game to the next level. 

Rachael D Rayford
West Lafayette, IN

My Difference Maker!

Is there any reason you would not want...

1) Access to some of the best teaching mentors in the game today?

2) New, Engaging educational content direct to you each week?

3) Year-Round connections to those who will provide you with professional, honest and contstructive feedback?

4) The ability to expand your officaiting network both nationally, and internationally?

5) The opportunity to take your game to the NEXT Level?

This is what Court Club has done and continues to do for me.  In only a years time of being a member, my evaluations and ratings with coordinators has significantly improved.  If not for all that Court Club Elite has done for me this past year, I would not have experienced that kind of growth and success.  It is simply the best if you are serious about taking your game to the next level.

Bryan Boersma
Zeeland, MI

Way Worth the Investment

A few short years ago, I was a "green" and eager basketball official. I had excitement and goals, but was lacking a clear plan, resources or community. I was encouraged to join Court Club, but hesitated at comitting to a monthly payment. I decided that the training would be worth the investment and gave it a shot.

Now, I have absolutely no doubt that the time and money I have invested is WAY worth the return. Court Club has been crucial to my development as an official - not just because of the technical x's and o's training, but because of the community of friends and mentors I have encountered. The Court Club family cares about your growth - not just as a referee - but as an individual. In this highly competitve sport, it is encouraging to know that you have a support system who is truly rooting for you to succeed. 

If you are looking for world class training from a staff that includes some of the highest-regarded referees in the sport, you'll love Court Club. Ed, Rob and their staff instill solid fundamentals and provide honest feedback to help you elevate your game. Investing in Court Club will help set you up to achieve your goals, and develop rich relationships along the way.

Joey Switzer
Washington, DC

Has changed my life inside and outside of basketball

I've been a member of Court Club for several years now and it has changed my life in so many ways. On the floor, the teaching is hands down the best and my career as continued to progress due to the investment that Ed and Rob and the Court Club staff has made in my game. They know the importants of working on the small things when no one is looking in order to be successful. My favorite part about what they teach is that "...success leaves clues..." and as I've learned to reach out and connect to different members across the country it is very apparent to me that anyone that is apart of Court Club is dedicated and hard working. Court Club has also provided a family environment that has allowed me to not only recieve a great deal of support from Ed and Rob with my family life at home, but the friendships I have made extend beyond basketball. At the end of the day Court Club continues to provide training for all levels of officiating and delivers information that is at the cutting edge of professional and collegiate officiating. As they continue to do this, they continue to remind everyone of the importance of family and friendship and what it means to support one another. I will forever be a member of the Court Club family and regardless of my lifetime success in officating, I will be a better person and a product of their tremendous training program. 

Josh Reed
Spokane, WA

The Best Return on Investment is the Investment in Yourself.

I have been a part of the Court Club family for several years now and I can honestly say, there is no better investment in one's craft than the investment in Court Club Elite. Being a member, you have access to the best basketball minds, the best teaching, and the best officiating practices, both on and off the floor. Their focus is you. Networking, friendship, mentorship, development. That's what they're about. And without a doubt, if it wasn't for their online content, their camp, and individuals I have met, I would not be where I am today. Court Club has played a pivotal role in my development and has exponentially advanced my basketball career. I have been able to build a solid foundation of good habits and developed the work ethic I need to be successful. Whether you're a beginner or someone who is just about to break out in the pros or division 1, there is always a place for you in Court Club. 

Greg Deverson
Winston Salem, NC

What Does It Mean To You

Have you ever thought to yourself what it takes to be really good at something? I’m pretty certain there’s a variety of opinions and thoughts about how to answer this question. Common attributes to attain success include 1) autonomy, 2) purpose, and 3) opportunity to build mastery. 

My desire to learn more about the art of officiating came in midst of attending a high school basketball meeting, fall season of 2015. I attended this meeting not really knowing anything about the avocation of officiating. It so happened that on this day we had a guest speaker. He was articulate, and very well spoken. I jotted many notes in which he spoke and provided stats about making calls in your designated area, staying true to the fundamentals, like trusting your partners, and proper positioning. However, at the conclusion of his presentation I still desired more. He asked if there were any questions. So I raised my hand and asked him if he had any recommendations about how to attain the proper training I was desiring. Can you guess his reply? You guessed it! Join Court Club Elite. 

The mentorship is nothing short from amazing. No fluff. All matter of fact. It’s guaranteed that as a member, you will be provided the tools for success. With time, work, and experience one will be able to develop in a variety of ways, including mentorship, camp development, success stories, video breakdown and much more. Also consider, you will meet so many great individuals, from all over the world that are like-minded and pursuing a common goal of wanting to excel and serve the game. Lastly, I know this is true for me- I enjoy the process of working towards positive results and hardwiring excellence. The process of exploring and finding my way around how an endeavor works, and then moving through limitation, and sometimes even frustration to build upon the skills and knowledge attained, piecing every experience, whether good or bad, and being able to operate at ever more challenging levels- Sign me up! If you can relate to autonomy and purpose, I can guarantee that Court Club Elite will help guide to the opportunity to build mastery. You will NOT be disappointed. 

Oh yeah, and for those curious, the guest speaker was a graduate of the Court Club Elite program. His name is Tyler Ford. I’m not sure he knows it, but he changed my life with such a simple, but trustworthy answer.

Danny Gonzalez
Chesterton, IN