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Basketball Officiating Success Stories

Dramatic effect on my development and mindset

Court Club has had a dramatic affect on my development and my officiating mind set.  It help set my foundation to becoming a division 1 official, and set the standard of my thinking each and everytime I step on the floor.  It also has help me develop my off court officiating, by giving me the guidelines on ways to prepare for games, preparing for off-season training, camps and taking care of business as a whole.  Court club helps give a young official and even veteran officials the tools needed to take their officiating to the next level.  It has definitely helped me. 

Montrel Simmons
Little Rock

Played a major part in my development...

My name is Blanca Burns and I am 29 years old living in Oklahoma City, OK. I have been working D1 for three years. I have the privilege of getting to work in conferences throughout the United States.

Court Club has played a major part in my development and growth. The numerous resources that CC provides to its members are top notch and can't be found anywhere else. The camps held in Las Vegas and Philadelphia were impactful on many different levels. Some of the very best referees in the world are found at those camps and they certainly made a big difference in my career and I'm sure they would yours.

A big thank you goes out to Rob, Ed, and Ed Jr and everyone else in the CC family. Thank you for making it possible for me to achieve my dreams and continue to work to improve upon my craft!

Blanca Burns
Oklahoma City, OK

Grow, Learn & Give Back...

I decided to join Court Club 3 years ago after a camp I attended in Anaheim, CA. I overheard a few campers talking about the program and I decided to sign up. The teaching is world class and delivered by top referees who want to see you succeed. The Court Club program continues to give me 3 things: An opportunity to learn, an opportunity to grow, and an opportunity to give back to others. It will provide you a fundamental skill set to succeed at any level you referee. Court Club was the best decision I made to improve my officiating and continues to be a corner stone to my education.

Matthew Kallio
Edmonton, AB

Doors opened for me...

When I began refereeing, I was a kid fresh out of high school making $8.00 a game. I had a great mentor that introduced me to officiating and gave me guidance. When I received the introduction into the Court Club by a fellow Court Club member, not only did I continue to meet wonderful people but doors opened for me that at one point seemed impossible. Since being a Court Club member, I’ve received State Tournament opportunities at the high school level including the State Championship Game in 2016. I even received an invite to the NBA D-League Tryouts. I’m currently working my way through the college ranks working Junior College, NAIA, Division 2, and Division 1 Basketball. Between the conference calls, the video reviews, the virtual clinics and summer camps, the Court Club is without a doubt the best system for referees in the country. Through the teachings of Ed Rush, Rob Rorke, and the Court Club staff, referees are truly destined for officiating excellence. If you are studious about officiating, with a foundation built on passion, the Court Club is your ultimate resource for refereeing success.

Marcus Barnett
Wichita, KS

Court Club has led me on a path...

I came to officiating late in life. After leaving the coaching ranks, I took a couple of years off and wanted to come back to coaching, but couldn't find the proper fit. A friend (who is my mentor now) mentioned officiating and I gave it a try. I really enjoyed officiating and it allowed me to continue to be a part of the game I love. After a year or two I was slowly working my way to some better games and was frustrated because I wasn't moving fast enough. My mentor mentioned Court Club and I joined to try and become a better official and climb the ladder to the highest games available. Younger officials may have goals of being an NBA or a Division 1 referee, but my goal is to do a California State Championship game. Court Club has led me on a path to do just that with monthly calls, weekly plays and camps with video and hands on help from NBA and Division 1 officials. Officiating A to Z, being in the moment, referee with a plan, video breakdown, inner trust, and "delete and reset" are some of the principles I have learned from Court Club. And the best of all, you get access to the gift of Ed Rush with his insight and teaching. Sharing these principles and teaching with my local association has been well received and rewarding.

I am blessed to have worked numerous preseason tournament, conference tournament and Section Championship games, as well as a Nor Cal semifinal game. I haven't reached my goal but with hard work and the help of Court Club I will get there!

Ron Smith
Novato, CA

I found the best resource in the world...

I don't really remember when I joined Court Club, but I remember my feelings when I read the story from Ed Rush Sr. I was so impressed that I found the best resource in the world and can raise my level of officiating. For the first 2-3 months it wasn't so easy - understanding new concepts and criteria for on- and off-court activity, but everybody around me started to ask me about my confidence and how I built it.  Then I realized - I have to go to camp. After my first camp in Las Vegas I had the great preseason training and was nominated for 1st professional men's division and also got playoff games. After my second camp I was selected in National Referee Education Committee and now have an opportunity to share all my knowledge throughout my country. So I have to say great thanks to Rob, Ed and everybody who I met or will meet, you have changed my life in really positive way.>

Daniel Adeyemi
Ekaterinburg, Russia

Quantity and quality of information...

My experience with Court Club Elite has been nothing but incredible in the few years I have been a member. To start, Rob, Ed, and all of the staff at Court Club Elite have given me the tools necessary to elevate my game and expedite my development.

In addition to having the best information on the craft of officiating at your fingertips, you also have a tight network of some of the best referees in the business. Court Club Elite is part of my family, and I am in constant contact with multiple members every week.

This is a very small investment into a career which gives us all so much. Court Club Elite has- and will continue to- amaze me with the quantity and quality of information and personal relationships I obtain on a weekly basis.

Grant Detrick
Des Moines, IA

The goals I have set became reality...

Basketball officiating has given me great joy over the past 4 years. It keeps me connected with the game that I have always loved and been passionate about. Court Club has been with me from the start. My first summer I set some short and long-term goals. With the all the ENCOURAGEMENT and TRAINING Court Club provides, I am seeing the goals I have set become reality in my young career. I've made great relationships though Court Club, which truly makes this a family. If you want become great on and off the court, Court Club is the place to be.

Michael Woods
Antioch, TN

Mentors, role-models and lifelong friends...

I feel truly blessed to have Court Club in my life. I was searching for ways to improve my officiating skills, but found something more valuable. I found mentors, role models and lifelong friends. If you are who you surround yourself with, then I am proud to say I am part of the Court Club family. Court Club provides all the tools necessary to accomplish your goals. With such a great recipe for success, I am certain there is no dream too big.

Cody Vincent
Sulphur, LA

No one sees the countless hours...

>What has it been like for me since joining Court Club? If your measure is did I make it to the NBA or D1... I have failed, but if your measurement is against bettering yourself everyday by hard work as this picture of me shows and doesn't show. I have won big time!  No one sees the countless hours of reviewing game clips from Court Club and the game video that Court Club taught me how to review properly. No one sees the countless hours working out when no one is around and working out properly given the tools that Court Club has provided. No one can believe the lifelong friendships that have been developed with official's at all levels. How many of your non-Court Club members do you know that can send a text or email to a NBA or D1 Championship official and get their take on a play or a rule or how to handle a coach? How many times have you taken 20 pages of notes from a presentation and put parts of the presentation in your game?

Yes if you want to work hard, make the physical, financial, and alter your thinking as to how you approach how you officiate, then Court Club is for you.

Oh, and most importantly. If you become a Court Club member you become part of the family. The family of "The Elite" of all officials working today!

Michael Curnow
Castle Rock, CO

Success leaves clues...

I started officiating basketball in 2009. While understanding the game of basketball from a fans perspective, I didn't know a whole lot about officiating. With the help of Court Club I have worked my way up to Division ll. Through monthly conference calls, weekly video clips and an open invitation with any questions you may have, Court Club gives you all the guidance to take your officiating career to the next level. The skills and leadership gave me the ability to be a trainer in local associations. Court Clubs summer camps come equipped with an elite staff. From teaching video breakdowns to presentations, Court Club provides lessons that help a person grow on and off the court. More importantly Court club is more than an officiating community, it's a family. Success leaves clues! I can honestly say I wouldn't be where I am today without being a part of this family.

Matt Ditty
San Mateo, CA

Prepare you for any situation...

My name is Curtis Harris  I'm from Andover Kansas. I have been a member of the Court Club since 2010. There is no better investment that I have made in my officiating career as the investment in Court Club. The summer camps are opportunities that cannot be passed on. It is truly almost developing an entire season over a weekend. The  review of plays and situations on the weekly basis helps prepare you for any situation that can happen on the court. Also being connected with many like-minded officials only helps you get better and the relationships off the court are a great bonus!!!

Curtis Harris
Andover, KS

Defines the character of what officiating should be...

My name is Travis Schatzman and I currently reside in Orange County, CA. Now going into my third year of division 1 men's basketball I cannot help but be humbled in the experiences that I have been through. Court Club has been and always will be a huge asset and the base of the foundation to success. The constant videos, trainings, calls and mentoring keeps the minds of the officials involved sharp and always ready to go. Court Club is always looking to not only better each and every member, but is also looking to improve their site, staff and products that they put out. Not only do they provide the best camp in the summer, but they do an interactive web camp to get everyone involved ready for the season. Court Club defines the character of what officiating should be. 

Travis Schatzman
Westminster, CA

Taking your game to the next level...

Court Club has played a significant role in my development and progression as a referee.  I am competitive in nature, in all aspects of my life, and officiating has been no different.  While I had excelled at the High School level, by learning from my local officiating community, I had the desire to take my game to the next level and become a collegiate official.  Once I discovered the Court Club program and the training Ed Sr. and Rob were able to provide to me, I was able to truly understand what “taking your game to the next level” really consisted of and reach my goal.  From the weekly video and breakdown by Ed Sr. and the monthly Court Club calls, to one of the finest camp settings available, Court Club not only defines work ethic, but provides a family atmosphere while learning from some of the best in the officiating business!

Curtis Vigil
Rio Rancho, NM

This provided a catalyst for instruction...

Unlike other Court Club Elite Members who become successful on the floor, I contribute my transition off the court into my current administrative positions due to being a Court Club Elite Member.  This provided a catalyst for instruction, study and practice with the learning and practice of officiating principles and values such as self-discipline, courage, compassion, generosity, temperance and persistence, which are requirements for success.  

Sampson B. Brue Jr.
Oxnard, CA

More Than Your Whistle

When I first started officiating, five years ago, I thought being an official was just about looking good and blowing your whistle. That's not it.

What I have learned from CourtClub Elite is that officiating entails everything from, having a love and a passion for the game, to professionalism, to communication skills, to puting in off-the-court work. The things that I have been taught to think about, on the court, have enhanced my understanding of the game and each play. The breakdown of what we need to know and be thinking about on the court, to be successful, is second to none. I would have never been exposed to the "301" level of officiating if I hadn't attended this camp.

This camp teaches, not only how to be a high level official, but how to be successful in everyday life.

John Colao

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