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Frequently Asked Questions

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    The answers to your questions about joining Court Club Elite.

    • I’m interested in joining, but have further questions. Who can I contact?

      Please feel free to contact Director of Operations Rob Rorke with any additional questions.  Rob may be reached by email,

    • How do I join Court Club Elite?

      It's easy to join! Just click the 'Join' link on the top menu or visit

    • What do I receive with membership?

      Your Court Club Elite membership allows you to receive what many consider to be the most effective form of training and development.  Court Club Elite members benefit from year-round weekly video sessions, monthly conference calls from the most influential minds in officiating, as well as an ability to receive mentoring that is personal to you and your officiating goals.  You’ll quickly see why, for less then the cost of attending one 3-day camp, you’ll receive year-round training and development with one goal in mind…Helping you achieve your personal officiating success! 

    • What are my payment choices and how often am I billed for membership?

      You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.  Our billing occurs on a monthly basis for your convenience.

    • I don’t want to work in the NBA and or Division 1 basketball, is Court Club for me?

      Absolutely, although many of our members have aspirations to work at those levels, and many have already obtained those goals, a large number of our current membership simply have a passion for officiating and being the best official at their current level.  We welcome all officials, and you will quickly find our way of training and development will correlate with success no matter which level you choose.